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Who We Are

The Michel Lanfranchi Foundation was founded in 2017 in honour and loving memory of the late Michel Lanfranchi. Michel was one of the founding members of Equites Property Fund, and brother of the chairperson of the social, ethics and transformation committee, who was passionate about social development and upliftment.

Michel is fondly remembered and highly praised by all who interacted with him. He was fair, patient, empathetic, tolerant and always willing to advise or offer assistance.
Michel put great emphasis on having a balance in all things in life. He was always willing to advise but also willing to listen and learn. Through his kindness and gentleness he was also able to be assertive and strive towards and inspire excellence. Michel passionately believed in second chances and believing the best in people. He was passionate about social upliftment and The Michel Lanfranchi foundation was founded on principles that embodied his character and giving those with potential the opportunity they need to reach their potential and achieve excellence.


14 Bursaries given

More than 4 million spent

Students at 4 different tertiary institutions

Foundation News

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